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About us

Hey! We've been making indie games for over 10 years and in that time we've built the same systems over and over again.

Talo is a one-stop shop of all those systems - from player management and events to leaderboards and newsfeeds. We want Talo to be fully accessible to all indie developers and that's why Talo is open source and self-hostable.

Every system is designed to be unbeliveably simple to set up, so even if you're tight on time or in the middle of a game jam, Talo's there to make your life a lot easier.

On top of that we're a totally self-funded business. We're saying no to tracking, ad targeting or dodgy marketing techniques. We're keeping our distance from using third party services that don't respect your privacy and making sure we only host our infrastructure on green energy.

Sound good? We've got a live demo always available where you can poke around our dashboard and see our features in action.

See our live demo