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Game stats

Track player stats

With Talo, you can track game stats on a per-player basis. For example, you could track the number of secrets discovered by a player or the amount of puzzles they've solved. Talo allows you to easily create and increment these kind of stats.

While game stats might seem similar to tracking an event or creating a player property, stat tracking provides you with fine-grained control over the limitations of a stat.

You can control the minimum and/or maximum amount for the stat, the default value and how often it can be updated all through the Talo dashboard.

Editing a stat - full control over the constraints of a player stat

Track global stats

To see an aggregated view of a game stat, you can mark it as global. When a player updates their stat, it also changes the global stat by the same amount. Talo displays these global stats, such as the total amount of quests completed or how many secrets were discovered, directly in the dashboard.

See global stats directly in the dashboard

Sync with Steamworks

By enabling our Steamworks integration, your Talo stats will be kept in sync with their Steamworks counterparts. Whenever a player updates a stat, Talo keeps it synced against their Steam profile.

This integration can be enabled at any time. If you already have Steamworks stats set up, Talo can pull in your stats and player stats automatically and create their counterparts inside the dashboard.

Integrate with Steamworks by simply providing your API key

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