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Game saves

Store game state

Talo's save system allows you to persist your game's state across multiple sessions. Each object in your scene can be saved and restored automatically from one of your player's saves.

By simply implementing two functions - one that chooses which properties to save and one that loads those properties back in - you're able to completely restore levels back to how the player left them.

Talo saves even provide a way for managing destroyed objects. Talo automatically captures when objects are removed from your game (for example, a destructible crate). If a destroyed object is detected, the object can be prevented from being loaded back in.

As part of our Unity SDK, we've included an example save system that creates, loads-in and updates saves for a player.

Offline and online saves

Talo automatically creates offline versions of saves. When network access is restored, Talo will attempt to resync the saves, preferring the most recently updated save if an online AND offline save exists. Additionally, if a save is only available offline then it will be synced as soon as a network connection is available.

This system allows players not to be blocked from playing your game while offline and ensures that their progress is always kept in sync.

Event-driven saves

Talo saves are designed to be flexible and easy to drop in to any game. To do this, Talo exposes a number of convenient events to hook into.

For example, when a player chooses a save, Talo fires an event to tell you which save it is which you can then use to show a loading screen. Similarly, Talo fires an event when all your objects have been loaded back in so that you can hide your loading screen.

Debuggable save files

Use your player's save files to debug issues in your game. As part of our Unity SDK, Talo automatically stores the ID, the name of the object and names of any parent objects, allowing you to inspect individual objects to make sure their state is as-expected.

Powered by jsoncrack.com, you can browse save content directly in the Talo dashboard, search for specific objects and see their current state to track down any anomalies within a player's save.

Visualise saves as a tree of objects

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