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  • Up to 2 users
  • 2 data exports per month
  • All services included

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$5.99 / month

  • Up to 10 users
  • 4 data exports per month
  • All services included

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$19.99 / month

  • Up to 50 users
  • 10 data exports per month
  • All services included

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Player management

Persist properties on players across sessions like their health, current position or even what's in their inventory.

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Live config

Push state to your game without releasing updates.

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Event tracking

Capture important data points to better understand player behaviours.

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Player identities

Manage multiple player identities across different services like Steam or Epic, all linked back to one player.

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Highly-customisable leaderboards with built-in pagination. Hide suspicious entries directly from the dashboard.

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Game saves

Online and/or offline copies of your game's state. Objects are automatically loaded back in when a save is chosen.

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Player groups

Create segments of your player-base using our flexible filtering engine.

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Game stats

Track global or per-player stats. Make sure your stats are accurate with our powerful constraints system.

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Open source

Our code and Docker images are publicly available. We've even set up some examples for self-hosting.

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Data exports

Your game's data in Talo belongs to you. Choose what you want exported and we'll send you an email when it's ready.

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Steamworks integration

Automatically sync your stats, leaderboards and players with Steamworks.

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