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Talo aims to work across many different game genres and as such our leaderboards are highly-customisable. Leaderboards can be sorted by descending or ascending order. You can also customise whether players can only have one or multiple entries in a single leaderboard.

As part of our Unity package, we've included an example leaderboard that fetches, creates and displays entries.

Leaderboard management

Sometimes a suspiciously good leaderboard entry may slip through the cracks. Talo keeps you in control by allowing you to hide these entries directly from the dashboard, preventing them from showing to other players.

Leaderboard entries - hide suspicious entries directly from the dashboard

Sync with Steamworks

By enabling our Steamworks integration, your Talo leaderboards will be kept in sync with their Steamworks counterparts. We'll create leaderboards and keep player leaderboard entries synced against their Steam profile.

When you hide an entry, we'll delete it from Steamworks and restore it if you choose to unhide it.

This integration can be enabled at any time. If you already have Steamworks leaderboards set up, Talo can pull in your leaderboards and entries automatically and create their counterparts inside the dashboard.

Integrate with Steamworks by simply providing your API key

View the demo dashboard